Feb 24, 2015

Learn Grammar

It's easy to learn the basics of English grammar if you can remember the rules. By following these simple step-by-step tutorials you too can learn the basics and have some excellent cheat sheets on-hand for future reference. This wonderful, highly recommended eCourse is now available for the absolute beginner who wants to learn the basics of grammar.

The author is Ingrid Griggs who has over 30 years of experience using English as her second language. She is also a qualified ESL teacher, Teacher Aid & Freelance Journalist. She is the author of dozens of children workbooks, web master assistant for Teaching Treasures Publications, and author of Homeschool Support in Australia.

Printable Worksheets

How do I obtain worksheets, printables or blackline masters that work for me?
Numerous times this question is asked, especially when one is kept late at night looking for a worksheet to fill a gap in the next days program, or new ideas are needed to strike up some new enthusiasm to teach in the classroom or at home. 
No matter what the reason, don't just grab any old printable! The design, content and how a worksheet engages a student are all very important factors to consider when selecting and teaching the substance of any worksheet.

If you are thinking of taking your children out of school, the answer to your question is very simple. You can struggle trying to correct your children's behaviour while each day they learn some more poor social behaviours, or you can home educate your children. Home education is the best alternative if you want to improve what your children read, see, hear and do.

Feb 20, 2015

How to Teach Reading

Improve literacy skills and your child will be a star reader in no time. Don't let your child fall behind. Active learning is your ticket to learning to read. Teach the alphabet and literacy skills. Think big and help your child be a Star Reader. 

Now is the Perfect time! 
Teach your Child How to Read & Write.

Simple Step by Step Instructions

Includes Everything You Need

Proven and Tested eCourse

No experience needed

Enroll NOW & Teach Your Child to Read & Write

Feb 15, 2015

How to Homeschool

Take the frustration out of mind boggling questions and let me help you find answers to your questions. You won't regret joining this eCourse and the time you save trying to find solutions to certain problems will be well worth it. You will also be able to download complementary worksheets and follow the many links to our online resources for your children.

Join NOW... Highly recommended eCourse that will guide you through the issues of teaching your children at home. The do's and dont's of homeschooling or unschooling!