About Us

We are a husband and wife team providing parents with eCourses and printable workbooks to help children excel in education.

It doesn't matter if you send your child to public school or decide to homeschool; what matters is that you can deliver that extra special help for your child by enrolling in one of our eCourses or advance your child's academic skills by using our printable products.

We have 30 years of parenting and teaching experience under our belt and we would like to help you achieve your parenting goal too because we believe that more and more children will continue to fall through the cracks of our current education system. Why are children leaving high school and can still only barely read? Teachers are so busy with the educational compliance that they simply don't have time to dedicate to those who are struggling. It is swim or sink in our current education system.

You can help your child achieve better results though by providing the means for your child to have that little extra tutoring. If your child is at that age where reading is introduced then get involved and teach the basics. It is the absolute best gift any parent can give their child. The gift of Reading and Writing.

If you wonder how to teach reading then be comforted to know that it is not as difficult as some make it out to be. Enroll now and discover the teaching skills you didn't know you had! We look forward to having you join us soon.

Peter & Ingrid Griggs