24/7 Online Service Providing eCourses and Printable Worksheets for Parents!

After 30 years of experience we would like to help you get started because we believe that your children deserve the best and we realize that it is not always easy to find the right solution. We know how difficult it is because we've been there and done it and it wasn't easy!

So in order to help you, we have created some wonderful eCourses and Printable Workbooks for you. Take the frustration out of mind boggling questions if you decide to Teach your Child to Read or start Homeschool for example.

It really doesn't matter if you are going to send your young child to public school or teach them at home; it is very important though that you get involved in their education. For those who have older children and are already attending public or private school you can still help them by providing extra curricular activities.

You won't regret enrolling and the time you save trying to find solutions to certain problems will be well worth it. Over the years I have developed a program to help those children who are keen learners. Those children are advanced and need a challenge. This meant that instead of working at their Kindergarten level they were actually doing Year 1 and Year 2 stuff.

As time went by I discovered that the program is also excellent for those children who have fallen behind in the education system or are struggling with homeschooling. Therefore I have made this program available as an eCourse to help your child improve and get up to scratch. What this means is, you can help your son or daughter who is in Year 1 or Year 2 for example and is really struggling to grasp just the basics such as letter formation, writing the alphabet, reading extremely basic words and is simply not coping with the basics of maths.

This eCourse is not a babysitting tool. It is not something you set and forget and say: "Okay Johnny, get to it!" It needs your input, it needs you to print the worksheets, it needs you to watch your child write those letters. Over the course of several weeks you will see writing skills improving, confidence building and their zest for wanting to learn sky rocketing.